Welcome to Flavana




Welcome to Flavana



We are glad you made it to Flavana. It's now time to chill and explore all of the succulent flavors of Flavana that make it the Flavor Nirvana of E-Liquids.  Our goal at Flavana is to share our E-Juice with the world. What makes us the Flavor Nirvana of vaping? Our premium E-liquids are made from only the purest ingredients, using the freshest flavors, and blended using our highly specialized triple heat-flashing process that delivers a smooth, flavorful vape with every puff. To get a superior quality vape you need to make sure you are using the finest ingredients. Here at Flavana we use only: 


  • 99.9% purity United States Pharmaceutical Grade (USP) Vegetable Glycerin (VG) derived from Palm Fruit. Which is the only toxin free source of natural VG 
  • 99.9% USP Grade Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • 99.9% USP Grade Organic Nicotine derived from all-natural plants 
  • FDA food grade food flavorings that are Diacetyl Free and as well as free from other known toxins.


 Just having the world’s best juice is not enough. We also support our local retailers that carry our E-Liquid by providing Flavana locations with in-store advertising, local marketing support, and access to our national resources. The combination of our national retailer support network, high product demand, and constant product innovation and improvements help make our retailers highly successful. We look forward to doing business with you. 


Happy Vaping! 


- Flavana

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